Known bugs: MolSpin v1.0
MolSpin version: MolSpin v1.0, Armadillo version: Not specified
Math libraries: n/a
Created: Aug. 13th 2019 12:46, Last edited: Aug. 13th 2019 13:00, Last activity: Aug. 13th 2019 12:46
Claus Nielsen
Quantum Biology and Computational Physics Group

All bugs in MolSpin v1.0 that has been reported and confirmed will be listed here.

If you discover a new bug, please create a new thread to report it. This thread will be updated if new bugs are confirmed.

This is the list:

- Task classes "PeriodicHS-TimeEvolution", "PeriodicSS-TimeEvolution" and "Gamma-Compute" will only infer the correct period if no more than a single periodic interaction is present. If more than one periodic interaction is present, the entire integration time ("TotalTime parameter") is taken as the period. Although the method still works in this case, it will be much slower than other methods as the periodicity is not exploited.

-Task class "Gamma-Compute" seems to suffer from numerical inaccuracies. Use it with caution.

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